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Client Relationship Management Software for Contact Management Teams Designed by Sales & Marketing Managers

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CRMworx™ is a robust Contact Manager and quote/proposal creation tool for up to 100 simultaneous users. Contact activities may be recorded and tracked with the Clients and Prospect modules. The Contact records of Individual representatives or Account Managers may be isolated or filtered by User Login and by Work Groups.

Available Configurations:

  • Standard Version for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Remote Desktop to Microsoft Terminal Server.
  • IP Client to IP Server for LAN & WAN configurations (requires Windows Server).

Share Data with Common Application Files

CRMworx™ provides an easy and simple way to import contact records and/or item records from common business applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Google's Gmail, and many other applications that can export to a standard.csv text file.

CRMworx™ can perform powerful mail merge and database sorting functions without an external word processor or spreadsheet. Therefore, using the CRMworx Report Builder you can create and print a wide variety of documents, labels and reports including:

  • Client List
  • Marketing Letters
  • Mailing Labels
  • Mail-merge PDF documents
  • Prospect List

CRMworx™ is a very flexible proposal or quote creation tool, which provides the end-user many options for multiple products, discounts, payment options and sales taxes. Here are some highlights of CRMworx as a quoting tool:

  • Bill To and Ship To Addresses
  • Discount by Item or Order
  • Option to include special contract terms
  • Progress Payment Options
  • Detailed Table for Item Listing or Bill of Material and Labor
  • Option to Calculate Lease Payment
  • Option to add over-time rates
  • Option to create a trade-in schedule
  • Option to calculate commissions and to create a commission voucher and statement
  • Option to include Scope of Work and Job Task for Project Management
  • Option to include Sales Forecasting Data and Sales Lead Tracking

CRMworx™ Document Generator

CRMworxallows you create professional agreements, marketing letters, proposals, and orders for individual items and systems.. The program is designed to optionally work with Intuit's QuickBooks inventory files, which are exported as '.IIF' from QuickBooks and imported in to the Items file for CRMworx.

Once the proposal data is created, the programs can automatically create important documents such as:

  • Sales Proposal, many formats to choose from;
  • Sales Worksheet;
  • Bill of Materials and Labor;
  • Purchase Agreement;
  • Purchase Agreement Terms and Conditions;
  • Delivery and Acceptance Certificate;
  • Print your Warranty Document;
  • Print your Labor Only Maintenance Agreements;
  • Print your Full Service Maintenance Agreements;
  • Plus, much more because you can create your own documents and reports using Report Builder!