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Telecommunications Management Solution for Keeping Track of Telecommunications Network Lines, Circuits, Cost and Voice & Data Equipment Assets

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TelcoMgr™ is a software application suite for Telecom Auditing, Telecom Expense Management and Help Desk resources for telecommunication professionals. TelcoMgr™ is designed to help you accurately record your business telephone and data services.  The program is designed to be used for multiple customers such as a vendor may wish to maintain or for an end-user with multiple locations.

The TelcoMgr™ relational databases are designed to be a central repository for the following information and discrete documents:

  • Master Telephone Company (Telco) or Service Carrier account data.
  • Detailed line, circuit and/or service data, including summary cost, Data Network Elements and Carrier Network Elements.
  • A Customer/Circuit Telco history log for each customer/location that is created and maintain in chronological order.
  • Contract Management module provides a comprehensive method of recording Carrier Term Contract information.
  • Telco Rate Comparison Table and Worksheet. Plus, a Baseline Expense Template, which may be copied to as many Customer/Location records as needed.
  • Telco Glossary of common and uncommon terms.
  • Set Automatic Reminder Alarms for adds, moves, changes, contract expiry/renewal dates and Telco Orders.
  • A comprehensive equipment or asset management database for standalone equipment or complex systems.
  • Lookup table of Universal Service Order Codes (USOC).
  • Expense Log by time-line, location and/individual expense items.
  • Track Telco adds, moves and changes from origination to completion with our new Service Ticket or Work Order feature.
  • Telco history enhanced with a new document warehousing and indexing feature, which allows the attachment of PDF, image, HTML and Excel files.
  • Attach electronic contract copies as PDF, image file, or HTML to the Customer/Location Managed Service Contracts data.
  • User Telephone Directories can be easily created, printed and edited.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • TelcoMgr is network-compatible and can be licensed for use by multiple users simultaneously.
  • Dynamic Weekly and Monthly Planning calendars are linked to Histories requiring follow-up action, Reminders and Managed Service Contracts.
  • Many report options are provided, including summary reports of existing Telco information, and detailed reports for new, or planned changes.
  • Robust Help Desk search and report features.
  • Follow-up checkboxes and dates added to the History Table for easy tracking of activities that require a follow-up.
  • Import or Export a file using this IMPEX optional module is ideal for moving individual Company or Location files, along with the associated database tables.
  • Selectively copy Circuit and Expense Log tables to Excel.
  • Copy Baseline Expense Template to Expense Log with a new date. (Like coping a spread sheet for a new month of expenses.)
  • Spell Check any field on any window, simply press the F7 Key.
  • In addition to the Standard Single User version, a Professional Edition and Site License are available.
  • Runs in Win'95, Win'98, Win2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server2003, Windows Server 2003 64 Bit , Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.
  • TelcoMgr is network-compatible and can be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Computer Requirements:

  • Windows XP (SP3) or;
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or;
  • Windows 2003 Server, or;
  • Windows 2008 Server, or;
  • Windows 2012 Server

ABCI recommends Windows 2008 Server, or higher with Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Connections) for simultaneous multiple Remote Desktop Users.